Collaboration Partners:

LG Energy Solution  |  General Motors

Our Values/Behaviors

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Inclusion of All People

We believe in diversity, equity and inclusion. We create moments every day that value backgrounds, opinions and ideas that may be different than our own.
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Speak Up! Be Bold

If we see something, we say something. We believe in respectfully speaking up and boldly sharing ideas.
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Engagement Leads to Collaboration

Building an energizing culture that sparks creativity and brings teams together. Innovation happens outside of our comfort zones.
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Accountability and Empowerment

We do what we say we will do.
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Think Customer First

Putting our customers at the heart of every decision.
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Continuous Innovation

Status quo is boring. Hard problems are fun to solve. We are curious lifelong learners who are forward-thinking and champions of growth.
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Look Ahead

Stepping back and sharpening our competitive edge, while always building towards our future. Looking ahead to achieve long-term results and growth.
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One Ultium Team

Be kind. Have empathy. Embrace everyone's greatness. We believe that enterprise-wide results are achieved through cross-functional collaboration.