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Ultium Cells, LLC and the United Auto Workers Announce Ratification of First Contract

WARREN, Ohio — Ultium Cells, LLC announced that approximately 1,600 of its hourly employees represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW) voted to ratify their first local supplementary bargaining agreement. The employees voted 98% in favor of ratification of this first contract. The new contract goes into effect Monday, June 17, 2024, and expires April 30, 2028.

“We are very appreciative of everyone’s patience during the months of negotiations. It has been a long journey with multiple changes along the way.  We are pleased on the results of a ratified contract, and it is a proud moment for everyone. Everyone should take some time to recognize your role in creating the first Unionized battery manufacturing contract in the history of the United States. The contract captures the operational flexibility needed to be successful in the industry and recognizes employee’s efforts and continued success as a company. We look forward to the continuous partnership with the UAW as we make improvements and grow as a company,” Kareem Maine, Ultium Cells Ohio Plant Director.

Ultium workers voted in favor of organizing and representation by the UAW in December 2022, and both the union and the company have been working collaboratively toward an initial agreement since February 2023.

“This is an invigorating moment for the UAW Local 1112 sisters and brothers at Ultium Cells. The ratification on this local contract provides tangible wage increases along with essential language which provides employees avenues for success. The path to get to this very moment had a few twists and turns but during that time a few key moments occurred. Ultium Cells Lordstown was the first battery plant that unionized in the United States.  Also, an interim wage increase was passed during the early stages of bargaining. Last but foremost was the inclusion into the 2023 UAW/GM national contract which allowed the unionized workforce at Ultium Cells to become GM employees. In a matter of just a few years, working at Ultium Cells transformed from "just being a job" and into a career. The UAW and Ultium Cells will continue to build their relationship and drive not only the importance of a safe working environment but also a quality battery cell," Josh Ayers, UAW Local 1112 Shop Chairman. 

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Higher wages for all workers, including a significant increase after one year of experience for those members not in the skilled trades group
  • Overtime (time-and-a-half) paid for the 11th and 12th hours worked in any given shift
  • Enhanced relief time of 70 minutes per shift across three break periods
  • Continued implementation of enhanced health and safety programs

The new wage scale will go into effect immediately and the remaining aspects of the contract will be implemented as soon as possible.


Katie Burdette

Ultium Cells Communications


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