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Ultium Cells Interim Wage Tentative Agreement

Today, Ultium Cells announced an agreement with the UAW to implement an across-the-board interim wage increase for hourly employees, resulting from constructive and meaningful dialogue with our local union leadership and pending a membership ratification vote. Following ratification, effective August 28 all Ultium Ohio hourly employees’ wages will be increased. The average wage increase is 25%. 

Significantly, the interim wage increase will be retroactive, and active current hourly employees will receive back pay for every hour worked since December 23, 2022. Any current employee who has worked since December 23 can receive payment of $3,000 to $7,000, based on hours worked.

Providing this wage increase is the right thing to do for our team members, all of whom contribute so much to Ultium Cells’ growth and success.

This is just a first step. We continue to bargain in good faith with the UAW to reach a comprehensive contract for our employees, including a final wage scale.

 Our Ultium Cells’ workforce is the foundation of a dynamic new industry that is transforming American transportation. Ultium Cells-Ohio is proud to be the only operational union-organized battery cell facility in the U.S.  

 Josh Ayers, UAW Local 1112 chairman, said “This interim wage increase is only the first step as we progress towards a fair and comprehensive contract for the dedicated UAW Local 1112 Membership as a result of the bargaining process. The UAW Local 1112 members working at Ultium Cells deserve this increase for being essential in getting the plant up and running. 

“While an entire ‘first’ agreement is being negotiated, the committee is still hard at work in bargaining working conditions, health and safety, seniority rights, addressing other issues raised by the membership and future wage increases throughout the term of this agreement.”

Ultium Ohio Plant Director Kareem Maine said, “This agreement is a significant and meaningful step as we continue to negotiate collaboratively and in good faith with the UAW to reach a comprehensive contract. Our team members are at the core of our business, and we’re proud to be able to reach an interim agreement for wage increases that prioritizes our incredible workforce.” 

The membership ratification vote is expected to conclude by Sunday August 27th.

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