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Taking charge at new battery plant. Eun has history, sees future with GM.

November 15, 2020

Kee Eun’s relationship with General Motors goes all the way back to the mid 2000s, when the South Korean says he was dispatched to Detroit by his employer, LG Chem, to work closely with the Big 3 automakers as the sun was coming up on the electrification of automobiles.

When GM conceived and debuted the Volt, the automaker’s plug-in hybrid, around the same time, LG saw a door open.

“We felt that was, of course, a great opportunity for us to enter into the business, showcasing our technology and delivery and preparedness for production,” Eun said. “That was kind of my first step getting into this business very seriously.”

The relationship between the two companies — both global leaders in their respective industries — has grown now to a joint venture partnership, Ultium Cells LLC in Lordstown, to mass produce battery cells for many of GM’s future electric vehicles.

Eun, 50, is president of the new company.

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