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The Future is Calling You

Electricity is the future of transportation, powered by battery cells that are designed and manufactured by some of the brightest, most innovative people in the world. Ultium Cells is committed to using the most technologically advanced methods in the industry to produce the very best of those battery cells, now and for generations to come. But we need a team of forward-thinking folks with diverse skills and experiences to achieve that vision. We are looking for talented individuals ready to seize the opportunity to learn about and grow with the electric transportation industry.

Our Vision

Ultium Cells is focused on the future of the transportation industry and its impact on the world, both culturally and environmentally. Battery cells are an important step away from fossil fuels, but they also have the potential to revolutionize passenger vehicles as fundamentally as the internal combustion engine did all those years ago. We embrace this potential by manufacturing our battery cells in cutting-edge facilities where quality and safety are the top priorities.

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Join Our Team

Ultium Cells’ team is comprised of some of the finest minds in the automotive and electronics industries, but we are looking for more of those rare individuals. We need technology-savvy people to fill roles across our organization—manufacturing, administration, and more. Our leadership prioritizes health and safety, encourages employee engagement, welcomes diversity, and promotes an atmosphere of inclusiveness.

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Advancement Pathways

Work for a growing company in a growing industry with opportunities to learn and advance.

On-Site Cafeteria

Ditch the brown bag and enjoy lunch in the charging station.

Excellent Health Benefits

The greatest wealth in health. Take care of yourself and your family with great benefits. Health Care Benefits start day one!

Educational Support

Employees can receive career related educational support annually.

Car Discount

Get the latest ride including electric vehicles with Ultium Cells at a discount on General Motors Vehicles.

Paid Holidays

Holiday pay now starts on day one!

Go Green

Work for a company making a difference. Did you know we are landfill free? Electric Vehicle Charging on-site!

Stay Cool

Our temperature controlled environment will keep you comfortable all year long.